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What can we do for YOUR nonprofit organization? We can…

  • Function as your IT staff OR back-up for your IT staff
  • Keep weekly or monthly hours at your agency to ensure smooth tech operations
  • Be on-call for tech projects/problems as they arise (but we do recommend preventative practices to avoid problems!)
  • Provide support for network, server, desktop, and website problems
  • Develop and maintain websites
  • Assess and enhance your cyber-security to keep your data & systems safe
  • Connect you to the internet and build wireless networks
  • Plan and complete wiring and network design projects
  • Install cameras and other security systems
  • Help your agency plan and budget for software and hardware purchases or upgrades
  • Transition your agency to VOIP or cloud-hosted servers/services
  • Provide tech solutions for tracking clients and data
  • Assist with interviewing and hiring your own IT staff
  • Train staff (or clients!) so they are more confident using computers
  • Recommend tech policies and procedures that improve efficiency AND save you money

Technology planning, up-to-date computer hardware/software, and reliable, secure networks are all essential for nonprofit organizations to run smoothly –yet are often left out of the budget or under-funded. We’re here to help your organization take full advantage of the capacity of technology, allowing you and your staff to focus on your mission and impact, rather than problem-solving tech issues or working around clunky, out-of-date technology.

There’s no need to pay for high-priced managed services from private tech support providers that charge you for services you don’t need (or already have), who don’t share your mission or values, and who don’t know about special technology deals or offers for nonprofits. As a nonprofit ourselves, we put people over profits, focusing on supporting YOUR important community work by leveraging technology to benefit you and your mission. We’re not in this for profit; we want to give other nonprofits the advantage of impact-boosting technology and tech skills, because your organization deserves better than using outdated computers and inefficient, unsecured network systems. We’re here to help!


How Does It Work?

十大彩票网投平台 provides both scheduled, managed tech/website support as well as on-demand support to nonprofits in Dane County. Nonprofit clients can either schedule regular maintenance/work, or call their assigned 十大彩票网投平台 technicians as needed. Even if your agency has not worked with us in the past, you are only one call away from getting a 十大彩票网投平台 technician’s help!


How Much Does It Cost?

十大彩票网投平台 bills hourly for IT/tech/web support plus travel time to your agency for in-person support. Tech/equipment purchases are also included on your monthly invoice if you’ve arranged with us to make purchases for you. Read our Services Overview and our 2024 Rates & Services Contract for more details. Questions? Email


How Fast Can You Help?

十大彩票网投平台 technical support is designed to help with a variety of technology tasks, problems, and long-term planning. Technology consultants typically work Monday-Friday between 9:00am-5:00pm, while some remote support work may be done evenings/weekends. Clients can typically expect a response to a service request within 24 hours, and most appointments are scheduled within one or two business days.

Request a Free, One-Hour Consultation

十大彩票网投平台 makes the technology work—so you can make your mission work!
Email to schedule your free one-hour consultation and see whether 十大彩票网投平台 can work for you.

Technology Solutions for Nonprofits

Technology Planning & Training

十大彩票网投平台 helps nonprofits with technology planning. We also help identify appropriate, affordable technology and train staff on its use.


十大彩票网投平台 provides desktop support, ensures that every computer and device is working, and provides support for hardware, software, and operating systems.

Network Planning & Maintenance

十大彩票网投平台 helps nonprofits choose, install, and maintain the hardware that connects your technology together and to the Internet.

Server Support

十大彩票网投平台 provides support installing, upgrading, and maintaining servers. We help with network security, file, and software backups, and remote access.

Website Support

十大彩票网投平台 can provide technical support for your existing website or help you plan and execute a new site.

Technical SEO

Search Engines need to be able to crawl and index your website effectively. 十大彩票网投平台 can perform and report on a Technical SEO audit of your organization’s website and provide you with an action plan for success.

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